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Ogden School District 2014-2015 Calendar:
Synchronize your calendar with OSC. Look to see when students have holidays and minimum days.

Check the OSD Elementary School Lunch Menu:
Sign up to have your menus emailed automatically. Pricing available for students and adult at this link

Check the Weather:
Do you need an umbrella today? Know what the forecast is today so that your child is prepared.

Polk Elementary Website:
Check Polk's website for current events and information.

Polk Elementary School Facebook:
Like/Join us on Polk Elementary School's Facebook for new information.

Polk Elementary PTA Facebook:
Like/Join the PTA on Facebook. Find the latest information on events that are taking place at our school. Our PTA is a great organization and does a great job of supporting our school.

Ogden School District Website:
Keep up on our celebrations and the latest information and changes taking place in our school district.

Bran POP

Online Internet Safety - Brain POP Movie
You’ve got mail! Surfing the Web can be fun and informative, but it can be dangerous, too. Visit Brain POP and let Tim and Moby help you sort out the good from the bad as you learn some rules to keep you safe in this BrainPOP movie on online safety.  Watch this with your child and talk about it with them.

CyberBullying - Brain POP Movie
Cyberbullying is the use of cell phones or the Internet to make someone feel bad or unsafe.  Even though online bullying doesn’t cause its victims direct physical harm, it can be incredibly damaging.  Watch this with your child and talk about it with them.

Information Privacy - Brain POP Movie
The Internet is a fun place--but it can also be dangerous. Spammers, hackers, and identity thieves lurk in the corners of the World Wide Web, waiting to grab unsuspecting users’ personal information. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby show you how you can keep yourself safe by keeping your personal information private! 

Online Safetly
How can I teach my children about risks online if I have never used the Internet? Teaching your child what to do and watch for will help them to make wise choices on the internet. 

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Read about online safety.

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