Research Resources

Big 6 Reseach Tool [pdf]
Download and follow the Big 6 Research model [pdf] and use the student work packet [pdf] as you research.
Brain POP

Brain POP - Online Sources
Tim show Moby how to find the right online sources for your research project.

Brain POP - Plagiarism
Tim shows Moby what plagiarism. How to properly use information resources and give credit to them using a bibliography. Use the strategies Tim mentions.

Word Central by Merriam Webster
Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games.
Google Safe Search for Kids
Google directory for kids and teens.
Yahoo! KIDS
Kids and teens have access to online a encyclopedia and dictionary in the Reference section of StudyZone
Scholastic Word Wizard Dictionary
This dictionary includes vocabulary for grades 3 -12.
Smithsonian Education
A place for Kids to explore, discover and learn.
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Links to online Smithsonian resources and answer to frequently asked questions from A to Z.

Fact Monster Encyclopedia Search
Encyclopedia Search give syou acces to more than 57,000 articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.

This is the web's best resource for synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.

Fact Monster Thesaurus
The Fact Monster thesaurus gives you access to more than 150,000 synonyms.
Find words that rhyme, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and definitions.

Fact Monster Dictionary Search
Dictionary Search gives you access to more than 125,000 entries, from aalii to zymurgy.

World Digital Library
The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.
The WDL makes it possible to discover, study, and enjoy cultural treasures from around the world on one site, in a variety of ways. These cultural treasures include, but are not limited to, manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, and architectural drawings.

QuickCite by NoodleTools
Online tools to help students with citing the references used in their research process.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Explore ancient world cultures through this online course supplement.
National Geographic KIDS
Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links. Voted a Parents' Choice Recommended Winner 2008.


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